la gignet somethingerother

We went to the Mekong Festival last night. The French must be somewhat alright if they put on such a great festival each year... There was art galore but Nava's favorite was the lights.

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girl bites dog

okay, it's from December, but how could I not post it?? I think of it every time I see a puppy :)
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Play time after work :)
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snoogies that won't go away - update

Nava came down with a cold on Jan 2nd. She kicked it and then a fever came. She went to the Frenchie Dr and got antibiotics, took em, got better and then got a fever again. Went to the Aussie Dr, got a different antibiotic, took em, got better and now 2 days later...
She's sick again. Well, I don't know if totally sick but she was too full of snot to breathe last night and her cough has started sounding gross again.

Someone make it stop. Please!

She was very snotty and listless yesterday evening (snot out of eyes anyone?) so she went back to the Aussie doc this morning and is now on her 3rd round of antibiotics. Yay. Woo. Hoo. Third time's the charm?


Nava v. the green beans

Awesome. And she doesn't like cucumbers, just like her mama :)
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The littlest foodie

I've spent the last 2 Sundays in the kitchen cooking for hours on end. But not for me to eat-it's all Nava. I try to get to the organic market on Saturday morning at That Luang to get some veggies I don't have to worry (as much) about.
This last week my haul included:
-green beans
-zuccini (mostly unknown here)
-lettuce (or "salad" as its known in Lao
-yellow sweet potatoes (from Paksong in the south, supposedly Chinese variety?)
-bananas-cilantro/dill/sping onions (the Lao trinity when it comes to eating grilled fish, our favorite)
-bell peppers

I cooked:
-carrot soup
-red lentils with carrot and zuc
-zuc and tomatos simmered and rough pureed
-Mash potatoes with cranberry
-baked sweet potatoes
-Pork mince with italian seasonings (then mixed some with tomatoes and some with carrot soup)
-bell pepper, zuc, and carrot simmered together

All of it went to the freezer to cater for Nava for the week (2? can I hope?). And the food critic said: Nmmmmmmm!
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More and more a bottle feeder

While we were in the US it was uninterupted mommy-baby time and milk supply pretty
much ceased to be a problem. In fact, Nava started refusing a bottle for the first time.
Now though, I'm back at work full time (almost 3 months) and formula is king. I used Nature One's Baby's Own Organic dairy formula through the end of 2010 (I brought 12 cans home in my suitcase!) and was dreading having to switch to local Thai stuff because I can't even read the ingredient list. So in the end I sprung for the organic version of the HiPP German brand that the hi-so minimart imports. At 175000 kip (22$) for 800 gram box, lets just say I look forward to cow's milk. And I don't fully trust the brand cause they also make non-organic, and even the scary Nightime formula stuff too. So I trudged off to buy it and found all that was available was the Birth-6month version. I bought it anyways-no one tell Nava ;)

So now I have 2 months to figure out which cow's milk to give her. And there's no organic Thai milk. I just found a French brand of UHT milk at the other minimart this morning. Made in France but not organic. Surely they restrict use of growth hormone et al? For now it's only available in "semi-skim" so here's hoping they'll get in the full fat version soon.
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Gotta keep up

Nava's nearly 10 months and I need a place to record what she's up to, what we're working on, and share with the grandparents ;)
Ready for the cuteness?!
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