The littlest foodie

I've spent the last 2 Sundays in the kitchen cooking for hours on end. But not for me to eat-it's all Nava. I try to get to the organic market on Saturday morning at That Luang to get some veggies I don't have to worry (as much) about.
This last week my haul included:
-green beans
-zuccini (mostly unknown here)
-lettuce (or "salad" as its known in Lao
-yellow sweet potatoes (from Paksong in the south, supposedly Chinese variety?)
-bananas-cilantro/dill/sping onions (the Lao trinity when it comes to eating grilled fish, our favorite)
-bell peppers

I cooked:
-carrot soup
-red lentils with carrot and zuc
-zuc and tomatos simmered and rough pureed
-Mash potatoes with cranberry
-baked sweet potatoes
-Pork mince with italian seasonings (then mixed some with tomatoes and some with carrot soup)
-bell pepper, zuc, and carrot simmered together

All of it went to the freezer to cater for Nava for the week (2? can I hope?). And the food critic said: Nmmmmmmm!
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