Baby Speech?

Actually, before we went to the eye hospital, Nava and I had already been up to another medical visit. We went to see a speech therapist who specializes in oral-motor therapy. No, Nava doesn't talk yet and no, I don't expect her to. The visit was really about feeding and jaw strength. In order for Nava to chew properly and (later) speak clearly she needs a strong jaw, a tongue that lives in the back of her mouth, and lips that she can pucker up. DS means those skills can be weak or late coming so we were look for tips on how to best help her develop.

I've read a ton on this but really wanted to talk through it in person with someone. So much less nerve-wracking that way. it was nice to hear that Nava is actually doing really well (yeah, everyone says it but mommy never gets tired of hearing it). Turns out all that blueberry chomping is paying off. Nava really liked her session too, for a number of reasons.

1st-The whole visit took place on the floor.
Way cooler than sitting at a desk on mommy's lap or being poked and prodded on a bed like at other visits.

2nd-It was catered.
We were told to bring a liquid, puree and a solid so her current technique to be observed. Nava had no problems eating on demand--especially the fajita chicken leftover's mommy packed.

3rd-Cool toys were involved.
Nava absolutely loved the duck that lit up, swam around, flapped its wings, quacked and (get this!) laid eggs. Chinese toys rule! And what does the duck have to do with oral strength? Nothing. It's just cool.

It was a great visit and we came home with recommendations for a new kind of bottle, a new spoon, a chew toy, and some homework. We also came home with our very own Chinese quack machine. Somehow I don't remember coming home with new toys from the doctors office...what a lucky duck ;)

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  1. Did you obtain a large supply of batteries :)


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