hearts and ears

Nava had a unique first Valentines Day. At the ENT doc's office. Nothing says love like getting your ear wax removed right? Don't answer that.

Mission: the confirm Nava's hearing is OK. Seems simple enough but it's been a loooooong story. Nava flunked her newborn hearing screen so we tried again at 19 days old. No one told us she had to be asleep for it but when we arrived and were told to make her sleep we didn't think it would be that hard. She was a newborn that rarely went longer than an hour without sleep. So we wrapped her up burrito style and I nursed her and we waited. and waited. and waited. About three and a half hours later everyone had nodded off but Nava and the audiologist told us one ear good, other ear, who knows.

Later in Eugene, we got in for a hearing screen, but that mostly gauged hearing by how well the kid looks at the toy they light up and at that point Nava had only been seeing for a few weeks (post cataract surgery).

So, Bangkok, Valentine's 2011 was the date to get that box finally checked. But Mommy confused the appointment time and only realized we were late in the elevator up from our fabulous hotel breakfast. I called the clinic and they said we could come anyways so I packed toys and snacks expecting a long wait and off we went.

We arrived and Mommy did a little photo shoot to pass the time. Thank you to Gma and Grandpa for the super cute valentine's outfit!! Even the ENT doc loved it.

After not too long of a wait, we got in. The excellent doc reviewed Nava's file, told me which tests were needed and cautioned if she wouldn't sleep, we'd have to come back later and put her under anesthesia. But this time, baby fate was on our side. Nava still hadn't had her morning nap, it was 11 am and she wanted milk. Surely we could pull this off, right?

And we did. I sat holding and nursing Nava til she was out and then a nurse and I silently did the dance of applying wires and putting in ear probes. And we sat in the little dark padded room for 2+ hours until the test was done. Well, actually the nurses tag teamed and got up and had lunch. I, on the other hand, sat perfectly still and silent, ignoring my bladder and aching butt, praying my cell phone in my pocket wouldn't ring. After about 15 minutes I'd deciphered the exam results screen and stared at it willing the graphs to grow and match up and the lights to go from red to yellow to green.

And this time, Nava slept.

And what's even better, her hearing is fine.

Best. Valentine. Ever.

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