Retail distance therapy

Grandpa is coming to town! He'll be here in two week so that means I've gotta buy everything we want from the US quick.
So far I've got:
- new bag/lunch cooler (hot season demands a decent insulated lunch box in these parts)
- a swim float (freedom in the pool) and a new swim suit (see previous post for justification on that)
- clothes. big surprise. for Nava only (surprise slightly)
- books to further my parenting PhD
- books for storytime
- flashcards
- medicinal stuff (ugh)
- new bottles (as per the speech doc)
- a wi-fi camera memory card (just cause it's COOL)

Still debating:
- more clothes (for me but thinking I'll just wait and go shopping on future trip)
- Kindle (I think I'd use it!)
- Video camera (Just a cheap one but would be fun)

Need recommendations for:
- Toys
- Nava books
- other cool stuff

Now I've gotta go home and look in the big bag of clothes Nava hasn't grown into yet to see if she really needs anymore. In the meantime, lets all take a moment to pity the poor mailman...

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