mommy & me weekend

We had a mommy and me weekend. Dad was at the dam and the cousins were at a wedding so it was just us two. We had a great time.

Saturday was busy. First to the farmers market for organics (broccoli, baby carrots, zucs, chili, and then I ran out of money). We crashed some girlfriends having a lovely french cafe brunch and then Nava graciously helped mommy get a pedicure (hard work), and then on to her buddy's first birthday party (that's us in 2 months! ack!). The party was great-i think Nava enjoyed getting naked in the paddling pool with all her baby group friends best. That or making me let her drink my entire glass of soda water.

Nava slept thorough the night for the first time in a month on Friday so I had so much extra energy Saturday night that I stayed up late rearranging the house. I finally took the bassinet out of the playyard so she's sleeping like a big girl now. I added more foam squares to her play area in the living room so her territory has gone up about, oh, 400%. I made an official nap area for her in the guest/grandpa bedroom and arranged her stuffed animals in there-they were taking over the couch! And I found a make do solution to the lack of a high chair cover.

Sunday was so much fun. First we had pancakes, in our high chair, sitting at the table rather than on it, like we (well some of us) usually do. She is getting really good at picking up food and putting it in her mouth but occasionally wants to be lazy and try the hungry-hippos-game approach to mouth only food collection still. Here's her making the decision of how to get the next bite...

When the sun came out I put her christmas paddling pool out in the backyard, filled it with warm water and in she went. So kinda like this
but outside, with water, and no clothes.

We had long cuddles, nursing cuddles, and talked to Grandpa in America. We used our new crawling track (post on that later). The we went out for pizza. Yes, Nava had pizza for dinner. And we so love Swedish Pizza House for having a proper high chair! An Ikea one actually. Nava loved having dinner with mommy and did a fair bit of damage to the crusts and some cheese. By the time we got home at 6:15 she was dead asleep, didn't wake when put in her napping bed, didn't wake to the neighbors' incredibly loud party, and didn't even wake when I finally took her upstairs and put her to bed for the night. Pizza, the new night feed!

talking about me again!?!

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