weekend recap II

Kayden teaching Nava how to keep parents on their toes
 We hung out at home this weekend (didn't leave the house myself until Sunday night) and we had a great time thanks to Daddy being home and friends that come to visit. Saturday morning turned out lovely thanks to Kayden's mum deciding to come over for a playdate. We played inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs. 

Phew, that boy has got energy. 
Our winter continues but is beginning to fade. We're currently in the no fan, no air but can go to the pool stage. Gotta make the most of being able to be in the sun without sweating so once again, naked children in a paddling pool ensued. 

There was a hazmat episode not so long after this
Nava expresses her opinion about ball redistribution

And you see all that grass-like green stuff in the backyard?  Well, it disappeared right after the photo shoot concluded. By Sunday, there was none left thanks to Dad's home improvements. And speaking of Sunday, Nava got a visit from Aunties Emma and Lara (and Auntie Em has promised to share pics. Right!??). 

No farmers market run since the fridge was still full from last week (having Nava on my own somehow meant little cooking was accomplished. Shock). I did bake sweet potatoes (which were partly purple. Purple!). And make a huge pan of zuccini & tomato that I did in the oven this time (way less work). I also made us grownup ladies a veggie curry from all that never-ending pile of veg in the bottom of the fridge that (there's still more. must. cook.) 

We continued our weekend pancake tradition and Nava's self-feeding continues to improve. She seems to have dropped the hungry-hippo manuver completely. She's also much more likely to actually get the food in her mouth rather than just kind of lift it to in front of her mouth and wonder why it doesn't go in. She liked the sweet potatoes (as did I, mmmmm) but when the tomato/zuc went head to head against the potatoes, she ended up spitting out the potatoes and shooting out her arms up to pry the tom-zuc outta my hands (Nava, I get it, you want mommy to eat the sweet potatoes for you. No problem).

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