Weekend recap III

And back to the weekend.
Daddy came home at 5pm Friday after 10 days away so bonding time was in order. And after ava went to bed on Friday night (and when Mommy and Daddy were off dinner and dancing) Grandma came to visit, along with two Aunties. So it was a unexpected full house this weekend, after a very quiet week.

Hot season is coming on strong in Vientiane. So we hit the pool:

I dare you to look at this picture and not break out into a grin. See! Can't be done.

Someone has just about grown out of her swimsuit!

We did hit the organic market before the pool so their was cooking to do. Broccoli, pumpkin, herbs, carrot, eggplant, you name it, its in the fridge. On Saturday Nava seemed way more hungry that usual and the next day she swiped some fresh steamed broccoli before I even had a chance to puree it (GO veggie eater!). She's also been chewing on her fingers so it seems her teeth are up to something. To prove the point, I gave her one of the no sugar, absolutely cardboard taste teething biscuits that she normally sniffs and throws away. She loved it. Gnawed on it until it was all crumbs. Those gums must ache :(

That's grandma there in the middle. Nava was making funny faces for her.
On Sunday I ran into a friend at the minimart who had driven into town specifically to look at the pancake mix box--she;d thrown hers away and had no idea what to put. Ha! Not like I've ever done that... But despite my laughing at her she was nice enough to invite us over to brunch. So while Daddy was out merit making with his mom, I strapped a crabby (teeth! grr!) Nava into the Ergo and walked to the Mekong. Its 20 minutes at a mild, talk-to-grandpa-on-the-phone-the-whole-way pace. Definitely a walk we need to do more often, even if it did leave mommy with bloody ankles (blisters, yuck!).

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