Bangkok weekend redux

on the tarmac
We headed to Bangkok (we being the whole tribe of Nava, Daddy, Mommy and Nanny--Grandpa got left back in Laos with a cold) for an extended visit with the speech therapist. We brought Nanny Noi along because I really don't want to be the only one trained in this stuff and don't want to have to train someone else when I'm just learning too! I think this made it the biggest group I've done airtravel with since I was 16 and on the plane to Thailand for the first time.

Ah, fancy Thai hospitals. The play areas really rock-when's the last time you saw a kid crying cause it was time to go home from the doctor's? We took advantage of being in Bangkok and at the hospital to get Nava's one year thyroid check up and I really liked the endocrinologist that we saw. First he checked the xray of Nava's hand (digital, which is cool anyways, plus much lower power required) to see how her bone development stacks up. He got out his textbooks and studied away and concluded her bones seem to be exactly what 1 year old bones look like. He felt her soft spot and reviewed the blood tests and said he was very impressed that everything was right on target. We discussed her height, saw it is following a curve well.

...pancakes, soup, rice porridge, yogurt, eggs...
there were a few long waits-extra cuddle time!
We discussed her weight gain which was getting a little worrisome, but slowed way down in the past month, so seems its not symptomatic of anything at this time. He encouraged us to play lots of music for her (never a bad prescription!) and said lots of calcium, specifically bone broths and egg yolk. Which was music to my ears since I've been making broths and cooking her food with them for a few months now and each morning at the hotel buffet breakfast I'd been ordering hard boiled eggs for Nava-one for breakfast and the other into her lunch box for supplementing our out and about meals. All in all, a nice visit! We also ducked down the hall to the ENT for a quicky ear look while waiting for blood results. Unfortunately, she still has a little fluid in one ear. We'll wait one more month and check again and then we're gonna have to have a hard think on that. Tiny tiny tiny ear canals they say....

But the best part of the weekend was Saturday afternoon at the Rainbow Room. We only made it over for an hour last month and that just wasn't enough. This time we were there for playgroup and everyone had a great time. We met some Thai OTs from near us in Laos (who speak Lao) and they talked for hours with Nanny Noi--priceless! We found out a friend of theirs even comes to Vientiane regularly so maybe we can set up some regular sessions.  But the best part of Rainbow Room is not OT and networking--it's playing! Lots of great toys and the paddling pool was a definite highlight! I even ran into an old friend from grad school there with her son. Now, how to start a Rainbow Room in Lao?

Nava was in top form all weekend-super cute and a great traveler. She's also turning into a ham for the camera:

Over and out!

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