I can't believe how long it's been since an update. Grandpa being here means the blog is getting a little neglected. However, the Nava awesomeness has not slowed down in any way!

So where were we? Well we've been out and about in Vientiane, especially at our favorite coffee shop with awesome playroom but that's not the only place. We've been to Bangkok! And now we're down at the dam-a four hour drive from Vientiane, about an hour and half away from the Vietnamese border in central Laos (side note: I'm from southern California so will always think of distance in terms of time. I've learned how to describe in kms mostly for my job, but time is still my default setting).

And it's C O L D

It felt like 100 degrees (or 35 in C) a few days ago. And then whomp, it changed and I've got toe socks and a space heater and the electric oven on and everyone's wearing two layers. C R A Z Y cold!

(now, I'm publishing so I can get into writing some real posts ;) )

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