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Over here, in Southeast Asia (most of Asia?), people generally potty train very early. Well, they approach the whole thing differently really. First off, it's hard to find newborn size diapers because generally they just wrap babies in towels (not as a diaper but just normal baby blanket style) and then change towels as needed and wash everything. They also aren't so worried about it. You hold a lot of babies without anything on their bums here. The assumption is that if you're unlucky, well, either you can wait to dry or change your shirt. And since no one has carpet, the same goes for the floor too. Basically, all this undiapering is a cousin to the ECing you hear about amongst the chrunchy in the US. So anyways, given the above, it should be a surprise to know that baby potties are very common here. They are available in much smaller sizes than I've ever seen in the US too. I went to a huge box store in Udon and they had well over 10 kinds.

While Nava is not going to be potty trained for a long time yet, she can still get some practice. This is her purple-pink potty. It fits her perfectly, with arm rests and everything. For the past few weeks, we've been putting her on it in the morning and before her evening bath, cueing her with a shhhhhhhhh noise at the same time (it's what they do here. Also, see EC). She usually sits for a while and then makes it clear she wants up-and we never make her sit any longer than she wants.

[alert-too much information below]

So how is it working? Better than I hoped!
I was just going for awareness but last week she pee'd in the potty 4 nights in a row. In fact once, it was more than just a pee-pee. Much more.

First step in a thousand mile journey? Check.

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