good's enemy

I really need to work on writing. Not planning posts in my head but actually just writing. 
Perfection is the enemy of the good. 
Must keep reminding myself that.

In non-earth shattering news around here I went to the the local fancy-pants grocery store (carts! air con! Italian biscotti!) and I cleaned out their baking aisle of anything cake decorating related. I came this close (do the finger motion for me, come on... just do it!) to getting her a professionally made cake this morning when I realized that there is actually a person in town who does fancy decorated cakes. I messaged her on facebook, she got all excited, suggested a design, quoted me a price and we were negotiating details when she realized she had prior committments and couldn't pull it off. At least by that time I'd finally gotten motivated on her cake!

I was asked in January about party and cake plans. Today is the 22nd and the party is on the 26th.
And today I got motivated.


So yes, the baking aisle. Food coloring, candy figurines, gelatin, sugar, cake mixes, flour, vanilla.... Yeah.
And no, I don't know what I'm doing with gelatin but it was there. And its german. So...

And then I got 10 feet from the cash register and remembered this is also one of the few places in town with party supplies. So then I raided that aisle. Straws, cups, plates, candles, candles that spell happy birthday, muffin tin liners (ok so that's another aisle), bamboo skewers (!).

Between the baking aisle and the party aisle I figured out I like pastel orange as a non-cliche feminine color. I scored drink straws to match the candy flowers in that color. It's only now as I'm writing this that I realize I don't know when people would use straws. When do little kids use straws at parties? Hmmm.... We won't have cans of soda. But they were the right color!


But it's ok. Because as I type this I can glance over at my daughter snuggled up in footie jammies next to her sleeping daddy. I'm enjoying the humor in the fact that they both drunk themselves to sleep tonight ;)

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