Nava's Best Buddy

Goong on stroller duty
One of the GREAT things about having a baby here is the availability of help for mom. My friends and I just can't fathom how hard mothering a new baby is "back home" without the luxury of so much help, in fact. First off, let me clarify, Nava has a nanny, who doubles as our housekeeper. She's amazing and loves Nava to pieces (the feeling is mutual).

Nava made her give it back
But I think the person Nava is around for the most hours in the day is not the nanny, nor me. It's Goong. Goong is one of the two young women from Sout's extended family we support to live in the capital and go to college (known by me in daily life as The Cousins). When Nava was really little, Goong didn't seem very interested but as Nava got bigger (and more interesting?), Goong and he developed a strong relationship and its clear she's one of her favorite people.

Bouncing Buddies
Goong comes home from school at noon and relieves the nanny. She plays on the ground with Nava, puts her in her jolly jumper, uses her crawling track, and takes her out to the backyard to play. She makes her bottles and feeds her meals all without being asked. She's great at bath duty too.

If Nava is out of sorts, Goong's arrival instantly fixes everything. She gets a huge grin on her face when she recognizes her or hears her voice. Goong came and sat down next to Nava's highchair about half way through dinner last night. Nava immeadiately whipped around to see her and broke into a giggling fit. Apparently, it's gotten so bad, Nava's nanny kicks Goong out of the room during mealtimes!

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