shameless bragging

So, you know how I mentioned the purple potty a while back? How we were slowly going to start introducing her to it? Making verbal cues to help her try to use it on occasion?
Well, like I mentioned then, potty training is something that's done all along in these parts. People just don't get the point of waiting to a certain age first, etc.
So once the potty arrived, Nava's Nanny Noi and best buddy Goong, just naturally started putting her on it when they saw she was getting ready to #2. Better than cleaning a dirty diaper right? And I quietly did the same.

And she totally gets it.

In fact, she got it this whole week. Every day this week. Yes, that's right folks. 100% potty usage for solids this week. And something well over 50% in weeks previous.

Mommy like!


  1. holy cow that is awesome!

  2. I wanted to title the post Holy Crap! But I thought some might not appreciate my humor ;)

    Its a silver lining thing of her constipation issues I think. She has to work to pass a BM and doesn't do it mindlessly while playing like some kids can so therefore it's easier to catch her needing to go to the potty. And I think it's easier for her to go on the potty than sitting on the ground. She definitely likes the arms to grab on to and brace with!

  3. This blog is awesome! She's a gorgeous baby- well done Mummy, Daddy and Nanny for doing such an amazing job raising her :-) xx


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