One year old!

The Story of My First Birthday
I had a monkey face cake. My mommy calls me a monkey most mornings when she wakes me up. She also calls Daddy a monkey, but lets not get into that right now. The blog is about ME right?
This was MY cake. Some of my so called friends stole my cupcakes!

These were the cakes mom made for everyone else. There were more than this actually. Good thing we had enough!


I was wearing my special birthday outfit sent over by my GMa (great godmother if you didn't know). It was really cute but maybe white wasn't such a good choice? Anyways, everyone sang me a song and then made my blow raspberries at one measly little pink candle before I was allowed to full investigate the monkey. Serious, thorough investigation. I didn't leave much undiscovered. My research result? YUM. I like chocolate.


So lots of people were there, hanging out having a good time. My mom & dad's friends, my baby group 'gang' as mom calls them. A few of them even liked chocolate cake almost as much as me!


It was great day even though I only had a teeny tiny nap that morning. Its okay, i knew people would have fun even if I had to go to bed before them. And when I woke up I discovered that all my nice friends brought me lots of bright colored boxes! Some of them rattle, some seem to squeak. A few just go thump when banged. Can't wait for Mom to let me investigate them further... (we still haven't opened all the presents-but huge thanks to everyone for them!)

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