They say all behavior is communication.
The arching back from the bottle says "yuck!".
The turned head says "No more prunes, dude."
The whhhhhines mean "I want" or "Move me" or "I don't wanna do this anymore".
And of course there's crying.

But we've now moved into a new phase around here. Nava is now making a very explicit sign.

Just like this only Daddy isn't holding her hands.  Onesie courtesy of Ceci.

She throws up her arms because she wants up. She's been doing it reliably for over a week now. She does it with everybody. Yes, it's a gesture I've always taken for granted. But it melts my heart each time Nava does it. The feeling that your own child has begun talking to you is pretty damn heavy.

I couldn't be prouder.

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  1. that was the first thing rachel did too. it was so great to go into her room and have her stretch her chubby little arms up to me. she's saying "hello mama, i love you, give me a hug!" :)


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