car seat yoga

This was on the way home from babygroup last night (with a major detour by Poppy's (my favorite pharmacy) so I could load up on drugs. We are still sick. We've had it since just after the birthday party. Dad is responsible (and will be kicked out to go sleep with the turtle next time he brings home a cold). I think Nava is actually ahead of me and mostly done but we'll see. 

I was sitting in the back while Grandpa drove because driving anywhere after 5 pm is usually a recipe for an unhappy Nava but this time it was all smiles. I fed her a cheerio every 2 minutes or so and was rewarded with a gymnastic-yoga routine as we wove through town (the super pink color in some is from the color of sunset here). 

That's her birthday bling from Daddy by the way...

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