coming 'home' - updated

We've touched down on US soil. For tonight America is an airport hotel in Oakland. Tomorrow we're off to GMa's house!

Nava was fantastic the whole trip. She liked the in-flight meals, complementary bib and diaper service. Only one cry and that was due to pain. She slept the vast majority of it, including the entire transfer in Taiwan. She also slept most of the BART ride from SFO, only to wake up in the taxi 500m from the hotel.

It's 10:45pm here, mid-day Lao time.Girlfriend thinks it's time to party.
Oh boy, it's gonna be a long night.

Mommy has such little faith! We snuggled down and nursed and we slept through the night (leaving aside the aggressive snuggling into mommy's side whenever I rolled over). It's 6am and time to rise, shine, and check in. Wooo wwwweeeeee!

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