idaho playdate

N: Great Ball. B: Hey, thanks, I think so too
...really? me too!...
Through the magic of old friends and facebook, we got a chance to meet strangers friends on our recent trip to the far north. Nava got to meet Banyan, a younger man, only 9 months old (and his super great older bro, Linden).

Banyan was a great host and Nava decided to show him a few tricks as a way to say thanks.

First up, How to Clap (she neglected to mention she only mastered this a few days ago):

you gotta focus real hard and get your fingers out of the way and...
Then, How to Remove Socks (Banyan tried to tell her he had this under control but, well, Nava was feeling extra helpful):

one down! you didn't want that did you?

And most importantly, How to sit up and give them a grin they can't say no to:

pay no attention to the boy with more hair than me!

Thanks for letting us come play!!


  1. Heehee - great, and I love the commentary!

  2. Grampa hopes she gave the fellow his socks back.


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