playroom in progress

I have a thing for arranging furniture. I've had it since...college? high school? Not sure. Its like meditation to me.

So when I realized that Nava's stuff is just getting a bit too much for just the corner of the living room, I started dreaming about making her a playroom. This is also probably the first step for me start preparing myself for the day when she will have her own room (not ready yet. me, I mean).

When we bought our house it had 3 bedrooms but in the process of remodeling, the walls of bedroom #3 were left off since we didn't have a need yet and we liked the open feel it gave the 2nd floor. We have never really used this space in the house so I began moving things from all over the house to here. And slowly built up the beginings of a playroom. 

Lots still to go but now come the big catch. There's a reason we never used this part of the house. It's too hot. So if I'm really gonna do this, it may (who am I kidding? will!) be necessary to pull the bamboo wall covering down, put insulation against the (wood) wall and then close it back up again.

Thank goodness labor is cheap here! And by labor I mean my husband's neighborhood drinking buddies...

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  1. Looks absolutely lovely, what a great space:-)


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