soft fuzzy wet kisses

So we knew not to expect sunshine and sweaty sun in north Idaho in April. We knew really. We even picked up a baby fleece suit on our first shopping foray this trip just for the eventuality it was a little too cold for onsies (at $5 for shocking pink warmth, it was a good fuzzy insurance policy).

It was snowing when we woke up this morning but it wasn't sticking, the flakes were tiny and it was only enough to be able to say "we saw snow fall!". But after breakfast we headed north, even more north. Not quite Canada, but you know, close.

Over lunch we saw rain, sun, snow, hail, clear sky...you name it. Yay for fleece. So we decided to head up to the local ski resort to see if we might get lucky and see the view during a clear spell. We didn't succeed.

Instead, we got a chance for Nava to have her first snow experience. Way, WAY better!


She really REALLY liked the stuff. It was soft and wet and cold and tickling. Oh what joy spread across her face. Unfortunately, she was the only one of us with the appropriate clothes for this activity so the adults all wussed out and hurried back to the car before she got her fill. Like my Lao snow shoes??!?

...no, the air con back home doesn't make this stuff...

But the joke was on us when we drove all the way back home only to be met by a snowstorm and the backyard quickly going all white. Turns out its the coldest April in like 60 years or something here. And Sout wonders why no one was up at the ski resort!

Nava was a little confused as to how the white stuff followed us home:

uhm, mom?
mom, this is not what this backyard is supposed to look like!

You mean they have this stuff in lots of places? Cool!!

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  1. Wow, so far north you were nearly in Canada?? OMG!? Is it SAFE to take your child that close to such a commie country?? And that far North? Please tell me you were armed...


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