Nava has a lot of clothes. Or at least, had. 

Wait, let me back up. 

When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy I let it be known about town that I was into to second-hand stuff. I quickly got deluged. Two steamer trunks worth (2.5?) of clothes from one of my bosses. Multiple car trips of clothes and gear from a friend. Facebook invites to come over and go through people's collections. It was great. I have no photos of the insanity of supplies so just imagine a dining room table that seats twelve covered it is entirety a few layers thick.  I decided to only keep things up until age two and handed the remaining clothes on to two other friends in town with toddlers. What they didn't take went to the charity box at work. Like I said, a LOT of clothes.

And then my godmother decided to hold a baby shower from afar for me. The theme was Think Pink and Nava got an entire wardrobe for 0-2 years. Most of it pink and frilly...maybe I should say more like an entire fancy dress wardrobe. Here's Sout modeling the windfall:
the man looks good in pink
Add to all this the fact that no mama I know can avoid buying a little something for their bub when they see something cute, even if the kid doesn't actually need more, and you'll have a basic idea of what we had amassed. Some of it got well used. Nava didn't grow much between 2-7 months so that size was well loved. But then she started packing on the pounds, putting on a kilo and month for four months and I just couldn't keep up. Twice, by the time I went to grab the pack of next size up clothes for her, some were already too small. 

So Nava's one year birthday seemed like a good milestone to go back through everything. I separated out our favorite outfits and the ones with sentimental value and these I put away for Future Kidlet #2 (no ETA available at this time) and made a massive box of everything else. Luckily a cousin of ours just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago so I already knew where everything was going (and it was fun to be able to give her a years worth of baby clothes for her new girl!). 

Nava now has one very well stocked closet and one pack of clothes for around the 18-24 mo mark awaiting her. And by closet , I mean our closet. The whole family shares 1 (ONE!) closet. In a country without built-in closets, one has to get a little creative. To whit:

The Closet (from LtoR: fancy clothes, Nava's, dad's, mom's. Dresser: mine, Shelves:his)

Here's the details on Nava's section. Until this weekend, she only had the yellow unit but it was getting out of hand so I finally caved and increased her section by 50%. Yes, the cubbies are organized. If I told you how exactly you might be tempted to think unkind thoughts, so I'm not sharing! 
Cubbies for clothes, diapers, and accessories. Shelf for cloth diapers and blankies. Hangers for dresses.

 So there it is, the linen closet, changing table, and closet of one very well dressed one year old in the tropics.

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