a different backyard

One of the constants of the universe of living here in Vientiane is backyard barbeques (though really most people just have front yards come to think of it). A lazy barbeque get together after a particularly good party is especially fun. It's so nice the tradition continues even as another generation gets added to the mix. We went to Maya's house Sunday and everyone enjoyed catching up (and/or nursing a hangover).


Maya was nice enough to not make a big deal about Nava wrecking her steering.She just took her for a spin herself instead.


the water's fine

the bumps meet

Nava got to meet a friend she didn't know she had this weekend, Zari. Her mum and dad were in town for their victory tour after their fabulous tropic beach wedding (CONGRATS!) so we finally got to compare how our bumps turned out. Lucky for the blog, their both photogenic ;)

It wasn't all appetizers (pumpkin rice balls, mmmm) and cocktail swiping though. They enjoyed a book together too.

Check out Nava's expression on the bottom right photo. Definitely a keeper. The middle left picture demonstrates a new dimension we have when Nava plays with her lil' pals--they get jealous and want the glasses. I think Nava's gonna get good at duck and weave...


goody for girls

Nava was born with some hair

But it came in a special arrangement: two cowlicks. In Lao thought, 2 cowlicks (called johm or kuan) means a child will be especially naughty in a precocious way. It's a nice little feature and is usually mentioned about her when anyone here meets her for the first time. Now being especially naughty is cool and all but it also comes with it a downside--a natural born mohawk. Yes, my child was born with mohawk hair.

Last month, GMa tried to get it under control when we visited but clips lasted only 2 milisecs post-photoshoot.
Frankie was jealous

We went into a coffee shop in Portland and when I pulled off her hat the special hairdo was in full force and more than one patron thought it was the height of hipster cool.

They obviously had excellent taste.

We've been letting the Left side duke it out with the Right waiting for a winner to emerge. And finally we are now its finally getting the stage all moms (well that I know anyways) live for: the day you can style your kid's hair. Nava can wear hair clips now! Yippeeeeee!

The left side won, btw.

potty page

As some of you have already noticed, there's a new page on this blog. I've decided to keep the toilet news in one place to spare the non-potty inclined and also to provide a timeline of how things go.

The Potty Principles page features a very cute if overly candid Nava photo--and I just found out one of my co-workers likes it so much she's made it her desktop wallpaper. How's that for a fan?!
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