don't forget to brush your unteeth

Nava's first visit to the dentist office at 25 days old during the little civil war of Bangkok in 2010 . Only mom, dad, and grandpa got cleanings that time though.

Nava may be advanced in a whole lotta ways but in the teeth department she's behind. Total number of teeth to date: 0. Zero. However, as you know by now, this does not hold the girl back in the eating department. I joke now that I'm not scared of losing my teeth in old age since Nava has taught me you can eat most things without them!

Thanks to an online lecture series (you too can geek out and watch here), I recently learned a few things about kids with Down syndrome and tooth care--even for those without tooths to care for. Starting tonight the nightly routine will include running a clean wet washcloth across Nava's gums to get her used to the "brushing" experience. The instructions are to start this now before I have to run a tooth brush on her newly erupted teeth in a sensitive, sore mouth (makes sense, huh?)

The dentist speaking was not without a sense of humor suggesting some popular drinks are outlawed, especially apple juice. She was very anti-juice boxes (noted that 4oz a day of juice is maximum recommended intake), pointed out that diet soda is pretty close to battery acid in terms of pH, and that they tell by x-rays when someone drinks a lot of gatorade. And something I would have never thought of--brush after giving liquid medicines. They have sugar.

I sound like such a mom...

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