Food In Oregon with Sarah

So...you ask...What did we do in Oregon? Nothing in particular. Mostly we ate. 
Food Carts. 
Sorry, got caught up in the memories. Back to the post.

First off, we stayed with our fantastic host, Sarah. Fantastic host = gives you her king size bed while she sleeps on sofa and dedicatedly researches thousands of food purveyors each day to discover which is the tastiest happy hour available at any given moment. 

Thank you Sarah, from the bottom of my one-size-bigger-than-before jeans. 

Lest you think Nava didn't enjoy our host as much as the adults, let me explain: Sarah is a preschool teacher, experienced nanny and getting has a masters in childhood education. Which all means: She likes to PLAY. 

She may be shy about being on the internet, so nobody tell her, k?

Nave is a very well experienced restaurant patron. She does prefer to sit on top of the table rather than in the high chair on occasion but when you're as cute as she is, people make allowances.

 First, we went for Indian Food. Buffet in fact. Big non-surprise: Nava loves Indian Food.

Besides food? Well, we did put down our forks long enough to enjoy some sightseeing, including downtown on a fabulous sunny Saturday:

...which may or may not have consisted of scouting out food carts.
In the end, we ate Indian, Pizza, Philly Cheese Steaks, Jam Brunch, Mediterranean, BBQ, Mexican, Burgers, and Swedish (okay, that was at IKEA)food. And I may be forgetting something. The only thing we missed was Pine State Biscuits. But I won't hold it against Sarah. She did her best.  Nava's take on all eating you ask?

Nava's Guide to Food In Oregon

Indian: eat it all. it's all tasty and brightly colored too! try to grab the whole naan when they're distracted.
Pizza: Cheese! Crusts to chew on! Toppings!
Cheese Steaks: Ummmm, yummy baby sized steak pieces. Cheese!
Jam Brunch: Spinach rocks. Pesto Omlette Rocks. Red Pepper Sauce Rocks. Pickles from mommy's Dirty Harry Bloody Mary rock too. Why didn't thay share their red juice?
Mediterranean: All dips rock. Pita is lovely. Lamb? Yummmm. Tabouleh tastes good fresh, not so much when mommy tries to feed it for breakfast the next day. 
BBQ: Rib bones make great teethers, I'm tellin' you. Cornbread, potato salad, collard greens? It's all good. 
Mexican: Give me rice and beans any day. And if there is gaucamole, you best get out my spoon and bring it on over. Who says guac is not a main dish?
Burgers: yes, of course they're good but see above for more exciting options
Swedish: Meatballs are almost as good as their toys.

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  1. Ahhhhh! I love the photos of Ms Nava - she's just so big now! I can't believe that as you came back to Lao I flew to BC... I'll have to compile my own food guide to Bowen I guess... hopefully we'll catch up soon!? xx


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