my first easter

So technically, this wasn't her first Easter. But as Easter is one of the few western holidays not exploited for commercial consumer purposes over here, we didn't notice it last year. 

This year we were in the US and got Easter bunnies (plural! Our GMa's friends are seriously generous). So, however belated, I give you Nava's (practically) First Easter!

Bunnies: 0, Slinky: 1

Bunny: 0, Slinky: 2
 No Easter Candy here-no just pure dollar store slinky fun. Oh and a dollar store tutu-esque skirt. Now Mom on the other hand might have gotten into some peanut butter chocolate eggs from Trader Joes. Perhaps.
i like to move it move it

teething for Easter

bunnies that make you go hmmm

 Next year the egg hunt is on!

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