my little four eyes

I've been updating the blog but putting off the BIG post with the BIG news. Mostly because I like to be chronological, partly cause I'm cruel to my close family and friends. ;) So without further adieu...

The big day on the calendar for the whole US trip was our date with Dr Wheeler. The bestity bestest best Pediatric Ophthalmologist a girl can have. I cannot begin to explain how much we love our Doctor. When he popped his head out into the waiting room to tell us we were up I think Sout and I both had smiles a million miles wide.

We ran through our care in Bangkok (if you're new you can catch up here) and sheepishly explained about how basically she hasn't been wearing contacts for almost a month because they kept popping out and we lost one, then , two, then found one a week later but Nava fought em so hard we gave up. Not my most proud moment as a parent and really Not Good but I didn't get in trouble and we moved right along to finding out how her eyes look now. Which involves drops and some waiting--perfect time for a photo shoot.

The photos you don't see (cause they don't exist) are of us both sweating to get her contacts in. Dr Wheeler was waiting a long time. It was Not Pleasant. The kid in the next room summed it up nicely: "that baby is not happy". But we prevailed eventually (and still in less time than it took Dr W to do it the first time...not that I'm keeping score or anything).

The results came back that our doctor in Bangkok was right. Her prescription has changed dramatically due to rapid eye growth so she is now down into much lower numbers (like from +20 to +10/11 in 6 months). Given that we can't get contacts prescribed over here we talked it over and decided it was best to move to glasses (at least for now). Her new prescription is much more a manageable thickness/distortion compared to before and this will be easier for us to keep up to date (like without 2K in airfare and weeks of leave!).

So we left with a prescription, walked across the hall, picked out a color for the frames, poneyed up $275 and went back to Sarah's to wait for the magical glasses to Get Done.

And in the next post, I'll show them to you. Ha!


  1. Love love! The photos are great... Glad to hear she's joining the glasses brigade! POST PHOTOS NOW! (and ps, love the top you're wearing - v cool...)

  2. Coming very soon. Very very. And I've got a ton of cute tops to show off-may your shopping be as fruitful!

  3. Glad to hear that the appointment went well. Can't wait to see her glasses!

  4. Glasses are hip. I also got some not so long ago, just to keep up with Nava.


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