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Last month, at a visit to one of our playgroup friend's houses , Nava got to try out a baby swing they had installed in their playroom. To say she loved it is an understatement. Saying SHE LOVED IT still doesn't even really come close. Less than a minute in and I knew one of the missions of our trip to the US would be to get her a swing for home.

One of the things about life in the 'developed' world we miss out on at home in Laos is public parks with playgrounds for kids, like ones with swings for toddlers. Yes, we get tropical beaches but when you're 13 months...
So when the sun came out in Portland, we got our swing on!

the other boy mostly just watched Nava. Can't blame him.

No Hands!


A few days later we were over in Corvalis and we found ourselves near another swing set and got down to it.

Oh yeah!

When was the last time YOU were this happy??

My name's Nava and I endorse SWINGS!

In the end it was clear that no little toy swing would do. This child required a professional swing. And thanks to Google, the rental car GPS, and the swing emporium of Portland (not to mention Mommy's credit card), Nava got her pro-swing. In yellow no less. Now Daddy has some work to do in the backyard!

UPDATE: Inserting this video for posterity--its got some parent squealing, just to warn you!


  1. i wish rachel enjoyed swings that much!

  2. I know what you mean--I see many blogs of kids that come alive in their baths and I so wish Nava acted like that. Gotta remember that they have their own prefs which are not mom and dads! ;)


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