table manners

Nava started using a sassy first spoon pretty young and enjoyed it. It looks like this:
but Amazon no longer has it, so, hmmpf, good luck finding it. We cut back on using it to focus on feeding therapy with a maroon spoon (that's the technical term btw. No. Really).

Maroon Spoon is the technical name for this.
In the meantime she still self fed finger food.

Like crazy.

Now I feel its important to get her able to self feed with spoon and fork like any one year old. I don't know what our speech tgherapist will say but hopefully she agrees. So when we cam e back from the US it was time to try it out.

First up, was cooked egg yolk on a toddler fork. And?


She does quite well actually, most often holding it horizontal so it goes it (occassionally tried it vertically and realized its hard to open her mouth that wide!). It seems the first thing to really work on is releasing itgently and on the table or in our hands. I know from my reading that release is (can be?) harder than grabbing and holding so this is no surprise. But judging by our first attempts she's gonna get it real quick. Then we'll move on to getting the food on there herself.

I suspect this will all go very fast. After all, she's my child and thus shares my genetic predisposition to EAT! But then I read (always a bad idea, I know) and recently I got a hold of a copy of this book. 
It simultaneously bums me out (because of all the stuff I could have done differently over the past 6-9 months) and gets me all excited for doing more things with her. Trying to focus on the latter! (oh and-most annoying book title ever, btw)

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