I feel I brought this on her. On Wednesday, I mentioned to a fellow mommy grouper that the group seemed to have lucked out and that one case of chicken pox hadn't spread to anyone else.

The next morning I took off Nava's PJs and found her covered in red spots. Ayayayayayaaaah. Whompwhomp.

We trudged of to the Doc who says not chicken pox, not measles. It's something else that they've seen a kid with recently but is so far unnamed.

can you see?

spots on me?

So here's hoping its over quick. 24 hours after the spot appeared they hadn't seemed to have grown or spread and Nava seemed unfazed (tho maybe only operating at 80% of normal).


kissies from Noi make it better

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  1. Oh no! Is it chicken pox? If so though, maybe it will be okay? I think it's a lot better to get it while young than older, right?


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