a good day

I've got a bigger post in the works about creating and getting serious about our DIY therapy program but I'm late to a party so it will have to be finished tomorrow.

I just couldn't wait to share what a great evening we had. Nava was so ON. She woke up early, only took 2 micro naps, it was killer hot and sticky all day and when the cousins brought her home from the corner shop around 5:30 we were all worried about keeping her awake through dinner.

But she had a surprise for us. She just kept wanting to play. Up at the Site this week, I noticed she seemed to 'get' rolling a soccer ball back and forth with Nanny Noi's son and thought to try it out again. She LOVED playing with rolling balls and started yelling as we three together cheered her on. She kept it up for 10 minutes and it was so much fun to see her really enjoying herself. Then we practiced a few of the moves we've been focusing on and she showed she knows what to do and it noticably closer to doing it than last week. It was such a great way to end the day and a sweet reward for all three of us - her DIY therapy team.


She felt she deserved some applause on the pot too...

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