Grandma in the house

Nava's closest cousin- Ai.
Last week was a big week for family here. Nava's Auntie immigrated to America! How funny is it that Sout isn't the first in the family? So Nava's grandparents came to the capitol to send her off and catch up with Nava a little. Unfortunately Nava is no longer that baby that goes to everybody. She is getting more choosy about who she will accept and has begun playing/being shy. All normal developments, but it did kind of bum Grandma out. We tried to make it up to her by taking some photos together that we can send down to her--Grandma likes her photos! Just like a certain relative on the other side of the family...

A rare Grandma grin

Grandma, she said Smile!

I think Grandma was a little jealous of Grandpa's success here

Can I get back in the paddling pool now, Mom?

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