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 Nava loves her books. I finally remembered to take some pictures of her favorites before she has moved on (for the blog baby book). Since she was 10-11 months old she has had a strong bedtime book habit that she is an active participant in (we read her books before that of course but that's when she really got into it). I love seeing her turn the pages with the story, whip open flaps, scratch the fuzzy part on the kitty, and slaps the book closed when the last page is read. Our bedtime routine books are heavy on baby pictures.

And if she's enjoying her reading most babies pictured get a big wet kiss planted on their two dimensional faces. I've been trying to repeat the other key words her books repeat (kitty, teddy, doll, monkey, kiss, smile) in the interests of vocab building and also work on her getting to point to things. A couple of times now when I've asked her where doll/kitty/horse is she kisses them for me-so we are on the same wavelength at least!

I think I mentioned this before but it bears repeating as its still true:  Hands down Nava's favorite are the Peekaboo books from DK publishers. I love that I can let her go for the flaps without worry about them ripping off. And the pictures are nice and big.

 We got the Bedtime Peekaboo from a dollar bin at a consignment store in Oregon. It sports tape holding it together but we love it just the same.

Funny thing about the Peekaboo books though-she loves opening all the flaps except the one on the last page (which is always where all the toys from previous pages are shown all together). She'd rather finish the book than open the last flap--in all 3 books!

When we get a new book she takes much longer to want to turn pages and studies the picture very closely (so close you wonder if the glasses are of any use actually). Once she's had a good look, I'm expected to pick up the pace back to our normal reading speed though. ;)

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