Playroom update

Well, our beautiful playroom is gone. Disappeared from the earth.
tis no more

Because it moved downstairs

This being Lao-the land of finding an easier way- we solved the extreme heat problem of having an upstairs playroom (tropical country, un-air-conditioned part of house) by moving it downstairs. The tradeoff? We no longer have a very beautiful, very large table for Thanksgiving dinner (fits, like, say 16 or so). But the table can be resurected in about 30 mins with the help of 6 able bodied people so Thanksgiving should still be doable (don't ask).

In the meantime, Nava is one lucky girl.

perfect for monkey time

the inclusion of the mirror was all daddy, it pains me to admit. more wall decor is in the works.

this sweet desk was my birthday present for her. getting ahead of myself I know but it is too cute. and tiny.

could being in the line of sight of a cooking mommy possibly motivate her to come on her own? we'll see...
Oh. And that was our Sunday pretty much.


  1. Anonymous27.6.11

    Hey guys- wow what a change. Thats great and now you'll be able to do your thing while Nava does hers. Maybe a baby gate into the kitchen? I can pick you up one from here if you like on my way back. I get DOUBLE luggage allowance now... Well it's double the air tickets so there must be some perks!

  2. Anonymous27.6.11

    Hey, your play space looks great,you put me to shame! Looking forward to playgroup at yours,
    ilona and Barney x

  3. I love it! It looks really great - must come over for play time soon! x

  4. Thanks ladies! And as for the offer CJ-let me do some measuring and some googling and get back to you soon. Thanks!


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