there's a limit?

**No Nava here, Just technical difficulties. Mo'Nava soon**

I've spent the morning getting my geek on as I just realized Navagating has not been working for subscribers for a month. Doh! All 19 18 (I guess it's bad form to count yourself?) of you precious folks have been missing your Nava fix. So sad.
So apparently I'd reached my feed limit. No one ever told me there was a limit. And since, let's be honest here, I'm not the most regular or prolific of bloggers,I would never think I'd hit it. But I did.
As of right now it seems to be working in some ways-the feed posts to Facebook again-yay! But it still doesn't come through in my Google Reader. If anyone (anyone there?) successfully saw this post in a reader-could you kindly click through and let me know?

Kopjailailai der. 


  1. All of your posts came onto Reader at 8:50 Denver time this morning :)

    ...and also? HOW did you reach your limit- Just for future reference, lol...

  2. Yep, I just read 'em all on google reader. Backwards. Chuckle.
    And YES - please tell us how to check if you reach your limit? I don't even know how to check how many RSS feeds have been subscribed...!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Yay! It works again!
    FYI-I think I have a lower limit because I have my feed go through feedburner (which is cool cause then you can track subscriber, etc) but has a downside I now know!
    But I just this morning learned about http://IsMyBlogWorking.com thanks to Love That Max blog so hopefully it won't take me a month to figure things out next time!


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