There have been developments around our house.

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Nava has gone through teething waves multiple times. I think around 6-7 months was the first, then another this past Feb-March (10-11 months old). But no teeth were forthcoming. Teething without teeth. It's a thing. It's not a cool thing though. This is not altogether unexpected; it's a Down syndrome "feature". The teething kicked into high gear again since we returned from the US. She'd even started sucking her lips and biting them, even managed to give herself quite a nice fat purple bruised bottom lip - one that lasted for days and made it look like she'd just been eating a blueberry. And she was getting increasingly cranky. I was starting to think the worst. That maybe she would be 2 years old  without teeth, we'd need to have an x-ray to confirm she had any...::ugh::. I was even looking into herbal supplements that are supposed to help. Quiet desperation I tell you.

And then my beautiful sleeper of a child (really, almost all the time) woke 2x last Thursday night chomping her thumb in pain. I thought, "This is IT!" and merrily went off to find the magic potion Grandpa smuggled in his suitcase months ago just for this purpose.

magic potion

The next morning, Nanny Noi immeadiately caught a flash of white that wasn't there before and I braced myself to try to get a look. It was the classic first baby tooth position (which surprised me as I'd given up hoping for that one and expected we just gonna go straight for molars, something I'd heard happens with delayed teeth). No, there was no tooth out yet but it was definitely about to make its grand entrance. 

The two off us were off for a long weekend in Bangkok (more on that later), so I muttered about the effing timing but packed the Magic Potion and we took off. Slowly, ever so slowly, progress was being made. Not that I could *see* mind you. Getting a finger in her mouth is not dissimilar to trying to have little feel around in a sprung bear trap. Girlfriend says NO! The Magic Potion wasn't even much use as application was impossible. So I had to settle on indirect indicators (development speak). Drinking water from a glass produced a distinct tink tink - so there's gotta be something hard in there right?

Now, now would be a great time to post a picture of Nava's beautiful new mouth...

...if I had any.

But that's not Nava. Cause there is no way on earth I can get a picture of it. Nava would no longer hold still and allow me to use my thumb to pull lower lip down like so than... It. Is. Not. Going. To. Happen.

So, dear readers, you will just have to take my word for it. And some day, one day, you might get to see it for yourself in her actual mouth rather than settle for a stand in. 

But I would not be betting on it being very soon. My guess is by then, the picture will look more like  


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