a vocal foodie and her daddy

This week we went to the damn dam to visit Daddy who has a very busy month. It was a working trip for me too so Nanny Noi and her son came along (school is out!). Nava got one pool trip out of it but otherwise the weather didn't really cooperate. We'll be back down on the Site at the end of the month for almost 2 weeks for my work so here's hoping we make more of it then.

Nava was particularly enjoying a chunk of day old bread with a schmear of almond butter for breakfast. And these days the more she enjoys the more squawking confident verbalizing there is:

Nava and her Daddy have such a rapport. He was the first to figure out how to make her have a laughing fit (bounce her laying on the bed at 3 months) and he continues to lead development of the funny bone. Sometimes I think his teasing gets to much but I have to admit, generally she loves it.

Look Daddy! I'm having bread!

Really??! You'd take my bread!?

Not without a fight!


Mom! What just happened?!?

I dunno, maybe I don't want it anymore...

aw, who can resist this monkey?


  1. OOOOooOOOOooOOo! I always though kids with glasses were sooooo cute, but baby Nava with glasses (particularly paired with stripey onsie/jammies?)?!?!?!? Dr Seuss is cursing himself for not having thought of it!--Hazuki


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