I'm away this week. Just me, a whole week without Nava. It's for a very good cause, a Nava cause. I'm learning how to help her and in the course of that I've evaluated how she is doing.
Obviously, she is doing great for Nava. And I don't doubt that. I knew she excelled in certain areas...like eating (!) but now I know that she is actually "above average" in 3 major areas. Three! She understands more than 10 words, including two word phrases and she understands what things are through touch at a great level too. And the real stunner? She sees at an average 18 mo old level too (glance up at those red glasses and all her little eyes went through and revel in that with me for a minute).

But she's got some things dragging her down, and they are not a surprise: mobility and speech. She definitely started out on track in motor skills but has slipped back and has been stuck at this stage for a few months. And I know she'll move out of it on her own eventually. But she'll still be behind at that point and she'll have that much more time to have to 'make up', so to speak. So I'm here learning how to help move things along. This has been one of the toughest decisions we've made about caring for Nava: to not return to the US and get her in early intervention, where she would have been in regular PT for months now. And I still think we made the right choice overall. But all the more reason I've gotta step up now. I AM her Early Intervention team leader after all.

I have many many more things to say (nice way to say this course is doing my head in) but I've gotta go do my homework and get to class. I'm in class but Nava is the one getting graded. So far she's earned a 70% for a 16 mo old. Passing grade? Sure. But Nava is not a C kid. She's all As in my book.


  1. Wonderful post. Poignant. Full of love, hope and possibility. Also full of accomplishment, in the face of challenges. All three of you rock my world!

  2. Yay Nava! Great work at your seminar although I'm sure you miss your little beauty! I didn't know you were an EI team leader. What a luck girl you have.

  3. Thanks Linda! And Leah-I'm not really, casue we don't have EI! But that makes me a sort of EI leader right there ;)


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