Bangkok Weekend: The High LIfe

So I mentioned we had nipped off the Bangkok two weekends back but have neglected to post about it. One reason is probably because I barely managed to take any pics. Mommy alone in the big city with a 14 mo old means very little time free to hold the camera. Which is a bummer because Nava was super cute all trip. Everywhere we went people were wow-ed by her glasses. Seriously, every taxi driver, waitress nurse and shop assistant commented. Most of them went so far and to poke their colleagues (including ones that were asleep or helping other customers!) to come look at the baby in glasses. Some parents might not fully "appreciate" that level of attention but having lived in rural Thailand, I am used to being pointed out and talked about (Farang! Farang! = Thai for Look! A Foreigner!). And since all the comments were about how incredibly cute Nava is in her glasses, it was all good. Cute story: on the plane home we sat next to a Grandma and her 7 yr old grandson. He asked her what was wrong with Nava's eye's, was she farsighted? Grandma told him that she was just wearing them for fashion. At which point I piped up (they assumed I couldn't speak Thai) and said, "No actually, he's exactly right-she's farsighted." He was very proud to have been right! ;)

But anyways, so the trip. It went well. We had 4 appointments in 4 days and 3 nights (and tried to squeeze a 5th in which didn't go so well). Just me and Nava and we went straight from the airport to our first appointment, necessitating packing light. Just a small daypack and my medium sized purse. And the Ergo (love the Ergo). The bags might have been small but they were heavy. And when I realized I'd brought 2 hard drives and a sweater I didn't need because I didn't realize they where at the bottom of the backpack-urgghhh. Not my finest moment. I can pack crazy light because I know the hotel where we stay well. Its a serviced apartment so there's a kitchen which helps tremendously plus Nava can play with everything in the utensils drawer and I don't have to shlep toys. Win!

sure beats that Motel 6 in Willows, eh?
We had no appointments Saturday so we had a leisurely breakfast together (thank heavens for the buffet and staff that don't mind kid-mess) and then lounged around the room. Nava took a good nap and I got to chill. Which I needed because of the teething. Oh the teething.

She approved of the decor and high thread count sheets
Eventually what naps must wake up though...and off into the big city we went. 

why isn't my bed at home this nice, mommy?

Results of the weekend:
  1. Speech Therapy: Doing great. Straw drinker extraordinaire.
  2. Overall Therapy Eval: She's strong but her weakness is motor planning.
  3. Ear fluid: gone. ::happy dance::
  4. Blood testing for alergies: No go as nurses couldn't get a vein. ::mad mommy::
  5. Chiro: Small adjustment in left arm related to ears and suggestion to get off dairy. ::hmmm::
  6. Tummy: We enjoyed mexican and indian food and Nava really, really, really liked the in-flight ham and cheese croissant.Two hands held it as she ripped in.
  7. Sanity: Mostly in check but teething and tummy ache Nava meant serious sleep deprivation
  8. Wallet: Mortally wounded. Never tell Daddy your at MBK and they have iPad 2s. He will make you buy one.
  9. Mystery: Nava developed more weird spots. Different than the other ones (the un-measels ones). Only on her legs and arms. They went away by Tuesday or so and I have no clue what the hell...

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