dam playdates

That's just Dam. No N.

One of the great things about the remote site where Daddy works (and Mommy sometimes too) is that it is full of young families. There are no less than 8 pregnant women working in  my company right now and that's not counting the guys who are dads-to-be. So there is no lack of play opportunities. Nava mostly enjoyed playing with Mio (her bud from way back) but also met a few new friends.

we forgot the high chair...and by "we" I mean me.
This little girl is a few month older than Nava but basically is still not eating solids. :( They say she won't take anything but milk with very rare exceptions. Since she came over close to dinner time, Nava volunteered to show her how good food is. She even shared her dinner: butternut squash mash, salmon, and whole wheat pancake I think.

Unfortunately she didn't think much of Nava's food choices. But she did like the colorful spoons.


  1. i couldn't get rachel to sit on a table like that. that would be a disaster waiting to happen! lol!

  2. we are totally spoiled-but after 2 days of this she was starting to get very naughty so I can tell we won't be able to do it too many times more!
    Thank goodness her hook on chair had made it down to us after day 3!


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