Feeling the love

Navagating is now over 6 months old (Nava herself is nearly 16 months in case you've lost track) and it's been really fun keeping this blog. It's been a long time since I wrote regularly and I love the practice on top of all the other reasons I started this blog: to be Nava's baby book, to keep family members updated and to network with other families.

We are really feeling the love at Navagating this week though. First, the post at Bloody Show was so neat to see. Then I joined my first blog carnival last week, and the post was clicked on more than 500 times. Peanuts in Internet terms but not bad for a glorified baby book ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, subscribing, following, and (even sometimes!) commenting. In return I'm really going to try to post more. My goal is 4-5 times a week to break out of my pattern of writing about the weekend and then forgetting to write again until the next weekend goes by!

Here goes nothing (but good intentions...) and of course, some more pictures!

And just for fun, let me me jump on the photo app bandwagon for a moment...

Bye everybody!

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