Off to work we go

So, last week (ever notice how this blog's always a week behind? No? That's good) we were down at the dam again. Nava the Toddler seems to be doing the trip just as well as Nava the Infant so that's a huge relief. Four hours to site would otherwise be torture.

She was actually in top form this trip and spent any time she wasn't asleep being insufferably cute (so unusual!) so the camera came out...

At one point her teeth were really bugging her (plural now! woot!) so I dug into our groceries for a nice crusty end of a baguette.

And now Nava would like to announce to the universe that all baguette heels are hers and hers alone and anyone wishing to be her new best friend can and should keep her in a constant supply.

She gnawed for the better part of an hour, getting it nice and soggy and stopping to offer to share with Nanny Noi and I several times (ladylike manners). Eventually it was small enough to finish off (see above) and she really didn't see how Mommy could be such a killjoy and make her take the huge piece back out...

While we were on the road, said mommy was on the Internet via the magic of a 3G Internet dongle thingy wingy. One of the best inventions ever.

And we got a big surprise. I clicked on a new blog post in my reader and a pic of Nava popped up! Not on Navagating. Fanmail via blogdom! Bloody Show (an awesome blog covering diverse issues in birth and ont midwifery) wrote a post about us! Very very cool. I would totally post a link except I'm writing this in an airplane on my iPad via the blogpress app and can't figure out how. As soon as I do... I can't make am fancy linky but the blog URL is http://bloodyshow.wordpress.com.

Car seat yoga continues by the way...

Over and out. Oh, and, don't forget about the crusty baguette folks. She's not kidding.

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