poor baby

Nava's constipation seems to be getting worse recently and I'm a loss to identify why. And then on top of that she passed blood in her stool the other night (SCARY looking but Dr Google says not serious since she wasn't in pain). Yes, I took pictures. No, I'm not posting them. You're welcome.

All this is making Mommy stressed and making Nava not wanna get on her potty. :( She's started locking her legs when taken to the bathroom.

If anyone had any magic dust, send it priority mail, k?


  1. is she taking miralax? is she getting enough fiber?? is she getting more dairy products?

  2. We DO have magic dust, actually! Can you get something like Benefiber there? It has been our saving grace for.ev.er. Piper had TERRIBLE trouble until we got her gallbladder out (but that's a long story)- the GI we saw then recommended starting with benefiber, and if it didn't work, we could talk about Miralax. I know a lot of doctors go straight to Miralax because of that "all kids with Ds need..." mentality, but I'd much rather have a go with the path of least resistance first. 1 tsp of the "magic powder" in her morning yogurt and we've had ZERO problems since she was about 8 months old... Also, when she was TEENY tiny, we gave her prune juice every day- might be something to try and easier to get your hands on there. I hate the idea of medicating when something simple would do just as well, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! Good luck- hope you find some help!!! :)

  3. Thanks Ladies! The Momma brain trust is alive and well!
    1. We did Miralax and stopped after 3-4 mo when we found she could go just as well with prunes (around 7-11 mo old, also people had mentioned their kids grew out of Miralax around that time so I wanted to try).
    2. We do cooked prunes and/or Fruit-Eze usually, to varying degrees of success.
    3. We stopped dairy 95% last month and then just slipped up and let her have some back in past week and that could be part of it.
    4. She eats no white grains, only whole grain and not much of that. She gets papaya most days and lots of green veg and all of that, along with prunes was working pretty good, but gradually the frequency of "difficult" bms is creeping up again.

    I think with Nava it's not 1 thing but a como, thus making it that much harder to treat!

    Benefiber sounds interesting-will speak to Grandpa about bringing some. And our Costco bottles of Miralax are still here and ready to go but I'm gonna do intense prune therapy a whole longer-Ohmmmmmmmmm


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