Prejudice is a poopyhead

Parenting is hard. I think it's normal for all parents to feel sick when their kids are picked on, whatever the reason. Parents of a kid with genetic 'special features' aren't any different, of course.

The difference is though that our society (and given who/where i am, i mean that Our very broadly) on many levels still thinks it's okay to mock children with mental disabilities. I think not long ago there wouldn't have been any taboo against mocking physical disabilities but I feel (perhaps overly optimistically??) that physical disability is finally generally understood to not be an 'ok' target anymore.

Mental disability still is. No, not to a kid's face. Not in front of their parents, sure. But while many have enough awareness that they'd never mock a specific kid even out of their presence. But yet that same 'aware' person still uses retard as a slur, tells Special Olympic jokes, laughs at sites featuring photos of people with T21 with 'funny' captions.

To think your peers, coworkers, fellow parents (!) feel its okay to mock your child-individually or as a group; to your face or behind your back is an excruciating gut punch. So reading about GQs lovely Down syndrome put down (in an effing fashion article of all things) royally pissed me off.

And right when I was still hissing and spitting about it, I clicked on a post with a clip out of a Nordstrom catalogue . A catalogue showcasing the latest fashions, as presented by incredibly good looking models, some of them kids, one of them with Down syndrome.

And my smile came back. Thank you Nordstrom-you not only have the size 11 shoes I need, you have real class too.

(and I would totally put the pic up but this dang blogpress app, iPad browsers, et al do not give me the privilege)


  1. Anonymous27.7.11

    My partner first found that Nordstrom ad and we cheered! It's such a good picture of him, he's got the model expression down pat! I'm so glad you came across it too.

  2. I was so happy to know that there are companies that understand that people born with Down syndrome are much more like you and I, then not. Way to Go!

    In regard to your post; I have noticed that many of the people in my life don't mean any disrespect by saying things like, "I feel so retarted." They simply are just used to saying it, and don't' really understand how offensive it is. We have tried to lovingly help people understand how hurtful the word is, and challenge them to eliminate it form their vocab. Any time I hear the word, I instatnly feel a prick. However I'm learning to show more and more grace. :)

    Your little girl is adorable! Congratulations on that awesome little girl..!!!

    -Rick (Noah's Dad)


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