road trip!

We're on the road again. Nava, Goong & Saeng (the cousins) and I are off to the dam so Mommy can run a little survey (you know, just not to ask 4600 families a few questions). Its a four hour trip and Nava has always done brilliantly but as she develops into a toddler more and more each day i find myself getting more and more apprehensive about the drive. At least it's in a company car and I can ask the driver to stop at any time. Daddy can't wait for us to arrive and will have the condo cleaned and ready for is. (Right, Daddy?)

Unfortunately it has been raining non-stop for over a week at the site (why do they always build dams where it rains so damn much!?! Oh wait...). So Nava will be having lots of indoor playtime but there are quite a few kidlets living nearby so hopefully her playdate schedule won't be too affected. And our good friend Mr Mio lives next store so that's gotta be good.

daddy wants Nava to grow up to be a car model??

Next week: Navagating at the dam ;)

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