vegetarians might wanna skip this one

Last Friday was the Kaopansaa, the beginning of Buddhist lent. Lent goes for about 3 months and falls in the rainy season and is traditionally a time when no big parties are held, marriages don't happen, and husbands attempt to give up alcohol for awhile (okay, the last one might be a personal experience only).

Sout likes to celebrate by buying a cow head at the slaughterhouse (having one bought by a cousin would be more accurate) and then having all the meat, skin, whathaveyou on it cut off. The stripped meat is marinated and barbecued and the remains of the head (think cartilage, teeth and gums, etc) are put in a pot with fragrant herbage (you'd wanna cover the smell too) and cooked for a very long time until it is edible. Well, "edible" might be a strong word.

But, I'm a mommy blogger obsessed with chronicling my daughter, not Lao culture and culinary traditions, so why am I telling you this? Well, I wanted to explain just what it is my daughter is eating in the pictures below.

Thats a piece of cow skin/meat, sourced somewhere off a cow head. Enough to make a mommy proud (see first photo). It wasn't all questionable culinary pursuits though, Nava got to play with some neighborhood buddies...

these 2 girls are totally unrelated but look just like sisters

Nava is very good at sharing her food. After sucking and chewing on the skin strips for a long, l o n g time, of course, she was nice enough to offer tastes to everyone near her. Funny, no one took her up on it...

But all that chewing turned out to be EXACTLY what Nava needed. The next day tooth #2 popped out!


  1. hey, as long as they are eating right? that's all that matters! lol!

  2. WOW! that is so neat - a WHOLE COW HEAD?!!!! Those skin strips beat ice pops or frozen carrots any day!!!


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