friends who drink

So Nava decided to kick the habit last month.
Yes, its been a whole month since she had a bottle. Girlfriend grows up quick.

So when Smalls (Sumallee, 5 mo) was hanging out, kickin it with her bottle I wondered what Nava would think.

Nava thought it was cool and decided to help hold the bottle for her. But no bottle swiping occured. Girlfriend really is off the sauce for good.

And of course, we like to kiss our friends whenever we can


we miss you already

a kiss bye-bye
We've had such a fun month here with two guests in town (and for a few days even staying at ours). Kim and Sumalee...but...they just left. So sad! We were having a great time. See...

cracks. me. up.
 We were sad to see them go but lets hope we'll make to the east coast and then get down to Durham...at some point!

wordless Tuesday


did I mention?

A random baker's dozen of things about us right now…
  1. Its raining again. Last week not so much but now we are back in rainy season mode.
  2. I have been spending lots of time with my old friend who was in town for a month and goes back tomorrow. Bummer. Nava likes playing with her 5 mo old. She gives her kisses, occasionally yells at her. They take joint naps. She grabbed for Nava’s glasses yesterday-Nava took them off and handed them to her!
  3. Nava has been moody. Going through a phase.
  4. Slept 3 hrs straight one nap and had to be woken up. She managed to do the one per day 2 hr nap a few times and seemed to really feel good those days. Now, how to get the 2 1 hr naps to join and marry?
  5. My mood is intimately connected to her mood. I need her to be happy! Daddy has not been home much-super busy these days. Which is hard on all of us.
  6. After going on strike for a few days-corresponding roughly to mommy getting sick for a few days-she is now back to action mode. 70m crawled on her belly yesterday and seems to be enjoying crawling more and more , according to Goong, her track coach.
  7. My biggest worry is the crawling. I am starting to feel guilty she’s not in America, getting PT. Don’t know what to do with that. She should at least be regular crawling now, if not walking. Mostly the biggest thing is she doesn’t WANT to be mobile. She doesn’t see the point, she doesn’t crave to go off and explore or go to the room where mommy is, etc. This bums me.
  8. Her fine motor skills keep improving. Her dainty pinky in the air pincher grasp cracks me up. She spoons increasingly well and recently gave the hammering peg toy a good go. Oh and her xylophone.
  9. Her constipation is getting a little better these days (after 1-2 mo of hell). Not regular like clockwork (in April it was every 48hrs on the hour) but much more predictable.
  10. She seems to be less tired at night these days, not so instantly sleepy post bath and storytime. A little wired. Hmmm.
  11. She loves napping on a crib mattress on the floor. I think that might be the next post-pack-n-play step.
  12. We are dreaming up a room for her now. It’s starting to feel like the time. This will require some DIY and some DIYN (do-it-your neighbor, the Lao version of DIY).
  13. Nava’s body shape has really changed. She’s longer now, not chubby, well not by western standards. She still has a Buddha belly but as long as she’s been going (see #9) its not too big.


Not so wordless post-Wednesday

Doing the days of the week thing confuses me. I live in a different day! But let's continue on anyways...

Why is the camera out mommy? I am not in a posing mood!

Bubs, chillin'

What's this?!

Live action Dr Suess character anyone?

And that's a baby group wrap everybody!


WISE 1: A new series

After this development, pictured below, I decided Navagating needs an occasional series called What Is She Eating?!

Any guess yet? If you haven't been to Lao it's not really a fair contest. They don't sell it at Safeway, Costco, or any farmers markets in North America.

Fun fact: I've had the pleasure of watching it made, live and in person. It's traditionally eaten (if you can call it that) by men while drinking.

Got it yet?

It's Buffalo Hide stick. No, that's not a brand name. It's really what it is. They slice hide, dry it, barbecue it right on the coals and then hit it with a mallet till all the burn has fallen off, the fur having hopefully burned off by that point too. I
I'll have to check with Daddy if there are any steps I've missed. It is almost impossible to eat really but you just chew and chew for a long time. And *enjoy* the flavor (kinda sounds like cow head right?). And the flavor? Well a friend describes it as tasting like a buffalo smells.

She's not wrong. But hey, if you're into that kinda thing...

Apparently Nava is. Take that plastic teething ring!

UPDATE:Apparently I can't fix the crappy picture quality for now as I'm uploading via ipad 3G. As soon as I have a working computer back, pics will improve!

Pictures as promised: crawling

Have finally unclogged the picture problem and at least can take pics again and see the new ones on my iPad. The IT department, on the other hand, have been struck from my Christmas card list.

Though you might appreciate seeing things from Nava's angle ;)

She is up to about 35m or 120 feet a day right now. Everyday it's more more more!


State of baby report

I keep getting caught up in plans and micro stuff and realize I haven't done very well documenting where Nava is at overall.

1. Eating (start with you strong suit right?)
Tonight's dinner was pea sprouts with sesame seeds, lentils with curried water spinach and a fried egg. Does that tell you anything?! Who am I and where has this health food nut of a child come from?! We went dairy free over a month ago and it's improved her breathing, her airways are clearer. I wish I could give her yogurt and cheese but she doesn't know what she's missing for the most part so...oh well.
She has recently taken strides towards self feeding with a spoon. For a while now the drill has been that I load the spoon, she grabs it and gets her bite and then gives me back the spoon. Rinse. Repeat. Tonight was a step up in it was her first time being interested in participating in getting food on the spoon and also grabbing for it even when I hadn't prepped a bite. Thank goodness for tile floors and tropical temperatures!

2. Communication
When she's eating she clearly demonstrates wanting a bite of which type of food or water by reaching, grabbing, refusing, grunting. But no attempts at vocalizing. Generally she is quiet with occasional bout of babbling. She does bye-bye very well now and is into all sorts of interactive hand signals. She only has one sign (more) and even that isn't so strong. We haven't really done hard work on signing and it shows. She just started copying coughing! She thinks it's grand fun and it was a deliberate thing she taught herself to do (first attempts she was scrunching her eyes up in focus and only getting a tiny sound); it's very funny to watch! Her comprehension is good, I think she easily knows over 20 words that we can tell, and likely has many more.

3. Moving
Still stalled on the belly crawl. This is the biggest biggest issue. Girlfriend needs to move! She can cruise when motivated but she doesn't pull herself up, it requires us helping get her up in the first place. She recently started sliding off the bed and sofa intentionally, feet first, very slowly until her feet touch the ground. It's a great step because she is generally very scared of being out of control. She is sooooooooooooooooo proud when she does it!

4. Hand motions
She can now get her stacking cups in and out of each other and when I got back from Singapore I got to see her trying out her new pincher grip! (pointing finger to thumb grip). It's still not always used but getting better and better. Like I said above she is getting better with a spoon now too. She understands now about getting the little toy from the bottom of a cup and that sort of thing.
She has developed the lovely (!) habit of pulling hair of other kids and even adults within range. Oh joy. We are working on 'softly!' She is now in baby stage of Giving; where she wants to give you things all the time: her snack, her glasses (!), her rubber ducky... I remember this stage in other kids and it has been fun to see such a definitive stage emerge.

I'll try to get pics or video to illustrate the above posted in the next few days! Until then if anyone knows how to get a girl moving, besides leaving on her tummy on the floor as much as possible...


Big times

I am in that conundrum where you have so much to say, you can't say anything.

There is so much going on and this blog is getting neglected, in fact so is our camera. The card is full and I haven't cleared it because my computer is still broke. New one comes tomorrow they say. I shall ohmmmmmmm...

So anyways, a brief recap. An old friend is in town with her beautiful daughter born almost exactly one year after Nava. There have been many play dates. Will put up a post on Kim and Sumalee just as soon as I have pictures to do her justice!

Ok, what else? Oh! Daddy was back in town this week after too long gone. We got up to many many things, not the least of which was discussing my trip to Singapore. Big plans are underway!

Sorry no new pic but this one isn't sooooooooooooooooo old....

Many long posts in the works, stay tuned ;)


cuteness continued

 so my computer is still not working...
 but the IT gnomes promise tonight...

 they will make it well. So here's hoping i can post a bit more soon.

Until then, Nava will be available to provide enough cuteness to make up for my inability to write. :)


daddy does hair

Coming back after a week away, it felt like Christmas to start looking at the camera memory. This little gem was in there. :)

at her little school desk

these cards were a gift from our friend CJ (whose son Nava has already been skinny dipping with). I love that they have the word in English and Lao.


a day with Daddy

best made plans

Well the resolution to post more ofter lasted a whole week (!)

Oh well. I'm back from Singapore, reunited with my sweet baby and still struggling to process everything I learned. On top of that, Dad was gone by the time I got back so then it was another week without him to talk the training through with. And then the Teething Time started. Nava is cutting her two front teeth and it is NOT going well. She is crying every night, not in the mood to play and needs drugs just to make it through (Mommy almost is about the same on that last point). And then the IT department helped my fix my buggy computer by completely wiping it and leaving it for me to reinstall any programs i needed besides Office. So yeah, that pretty much brings you up to speed on my last week and that concludes the whining, excuses-ladden section of today's post.

I decided to get over the wordless hump by posting wordless posts. And as soon as Picassa starts working, I'll do just that.

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