best made plans

Well the resolution to post more ofter lasted a whole week (!)

Oh well. I'm back from Singapore, reunited with my sweet baby and still struggling to process everything I learned. On top of that, Dad was gone by the time I got back so then it was another week without him to talk the training through with. And then the Teething Time started. Nava is cutting her two front teeth and it is NOT going well. She is crying every night, not in the mood to play and needs drugs just to make it through (Mommy almost is about the same on that last point). And then the IT department helped my fix my buggy computer by completely wiping it and leaving it for me to reinstall any programs i needed besides Office. So yeah, that pretty much brings you up to speed on my last week and that concludes the whining, excuses-ladden section of today's post.

I decided to get over the wordless hump by posting wordless posts. And as soon as Picassa starts working, I'll do just that.

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