Big times

I am in that conundrum where you have so much to say, you can't say anything.

There is so much going on and this blog is getting neglected, in fact so is our camera. The card is full and I haven't cleared it because my computer is still broke. New one comes tomorrow they say. I shall ohmmmmmmm...

So anyways, a brief recap. An old friend is in town with her beautiful daughter born almost exactly one year after Nava. There have been many play dates. Will put up a post on Kim and Sumalee just as soon as I have pictures to do her justice!

Ok, what else? Oh! Daddy was back in town this week after too long gone. We got up to many many things, not the least of which was discussing my trip to Singapore. Big plans are underway!

Sorry no new pic but this one isn't sooooooooooooooooo old....

Many long posts in the works, stay tuned ;)

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