did I mention?

A random baker's dozen of things about us right now…
  1. Its raining again. Last week not so much but now we are back in rainy season mode.
  2. I have been spending lots of time with my old friend who was in town for a month and goes back tomorrow. Bummer. Nava likes playing with her 5 mo old. She gives her kisses, occasionally yells at her. They take joint naps. She grabbed for Nava’s glasses yesterday-Nava took them off and handed them to her!
  3. Nava has been moody. Going through a phase.
  4. Slept 3 hrs straight one nap and had to be woken up. She managed to do the one per day 2 hr nap a few times and seemed to really feel good those days. Now, how to get the 2 1 hr naps to join and marry?
  5. My mood is intimately connected to her mood. I need her to be happy! Daddy has not been home much-super busy these days. Which is hard on all of us.
  6. After going on strike for a few days-corresponding roughly to mommy getting sick for a few days-she is now back to action mode. 70m crawled on her belly yesterday and seems to be enjoying crawling more and more , according to Goong, her track coach.
  7. My biggest worry is the crawling. I am starting to feel guilty she’s not in America, getting PT. Don’t know what to do with that. She should at least be regular crawling now, if not walking. Mostly the biggest thing is she doesn’t WANT to be mobile. She doesn’t see the point, she doesn’t crave to go off and explore or go to the room where mommy is, etc. This bums me.
  8. Her fine motor skills keep improving. Her dainty pinky in the air pincher grasp cracks me up. She spoons increasingly well and recently gave the hammering peg toy a good go. Oh and her xylophone.
  9. Her constipation is getting a little better these days (after 1-2 mo of hell). Not regular like clockwork (in April it was every 48hrs on the hour) but much more predictable.
  10. She seems to be less tired at night these days, not so instantly sleepy post bath and storytime. A little wired. Hmmm.
  11. She loves napping on a crib mattress on the floor. I think that might be the next post-pack-n-play step.
  12. We are dreaming up a room for her now. It’s starting to feel like the time. This will require some DIY and some DIYN (do-it-your neighbor, the Lao version of DIY).
  13. Nava’s body shape has really changed. She’s longer now, not chubby, well not by western standards. She still has a Buddha belly but as long as she’s been going (see #9) its not too big.

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